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Creativity & Innovation:
Four Key Issues from a Literature Review

Francesco Pisanu & Paola Menapace, IPRASE

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Creative Industries – Time to Tell Better Stories
By Diane Coyle and Andy Westwood

Annual Conference Ukadia 2013

Creativity & Innovation: four issues from the Literature review
According to an extensive literature review, the IPRASE research identifies and explores four main issues to consider within a pedagogical framework for creativity and innovation. Each issue has been further analysed as a combination of two sub-topics: 1.Organisational structures: 2.Individual characteristics 3.Training methods and pedagogical practices 4.Training content:
The full presentation is available for download here: Download (EN)

Opening up on a new education and training framework: Case studies and Scenario analysis now available!
Innovation and education, the link is the human capital.” – D. Salampasis
It is not possible to get innovation without cultivating imagination” – M. Nussbaum

In the second Report ‘Creativity and Innovation: Case studies in the learning Chain’ UK, Italy, Spain and Norway share their practices in academic, executive and company-based education and training. The analysis highlights the role of four main drivers to build a comprehensive framework: Infrastructures, Social innovation, Business Organisations, Entrepreneurship.
In the Discussion paper ‘Enhancing creativity and innovation including entrepreneurship at all levels of education and training: The role of CLEAR Project’, the expert Dimitrios Salampasis highlights connections and perspectives at EU level, by analyzing the polices and the practices of the I and II reports. The author argue how to open up a new education and training framework, where the role of human capital in innovation can be perceived as a social process.
Creativity and Innovation: Case studies in the learning Chain

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Enhancing creativity and innovation including entrepreneurship at all levels of education and training: The role of CLEAR Project

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The challenge of Creativity, Innovation and Lifelong Learning: a transnational review
‘Imagine trying to cut a piece of paper with just one blade of a pair of scissors. It’s near impossible. Yet that is what we try to do with innovation policy.
We rely on supply side measures to push technology. We neglect the critical role that demand and markets play in pulling innovation through.
We need to use both blades of the scissors.’ – L. Georghiou

Now online the first review of transnational approaches to creativity and innovation and the role played by education and lifelong learning. UK, Italy,
Spain and Norway shared their national contexts, defining overarching key issues and questions. The results will be discussed with policy makers
and practitioners in each country, follow us in the News & Events page!

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European Commission: strategy to boost creative growth

11th October 2012: Commission launches strategy to boost creative growth and jobs The European Commission adopts a strategy to unlock the full potential of the cultural and creative sectors to boost jobs and growth in the EU.

"Changing Education Paradigms"

Interview with Andrew Brewerton on the Plymouth school


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Presentation: Anne Heleen Bijl, Willem Stortelder
"Creativity is not a mystery or a special gift – it is a skill that can be learned and applied"...creative thinking, creative process, creative techniques and more in this presentation:

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