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25th/26th February 2014 UK Conference Hosted by the Ukadia Conference - Ravensbourne, 6 Penrose Way, Greenwich Peninsula, London SE10 0EW, UK

In a setting of significant change within the HE sector and amongst the creative industries, the conference will consider the future for teaching, learning and scholarship. ‘Imagining the Future’ will be informed by an analysis which takes account of the political, economic, social and technological forces currently at play.
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Creativity & Innovation:
Four Key Issues from a Literature Review
In February 2014, the Journal of Creative education accepted the article proposed by IPRASE about creativity and innovation in the educational field. Through a literature review, the authors F. Pisanu and P. Menapace describe the results of two decades of research on creativity and innovation in the educational and organizational field, to underline what seemed to work and what did not, to enable these processes functioning effectively.
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The Journal is an Open access publication:

15th/16th January 2014 2nd Practitioners seminar in UK - London.

Italian National Conference in Verona - Job Orienta Fair
21st-23rd of November

PROGRAMME, Registration form, Photos

Creativity Innovation Learning - European Conference
Brussels, Belgium - 27th of November 2013

Culture, creativity and innovation: is it an attractive investment? Is there a challenge for education and Lifelong learning policies?
Policy makers, Universities and Enterprises share Strategies, Policies and Practices to foster innovation. Join us to contribute, learn & smile!
Location: ICAB nv Site Arsenaa, Witte patersstraat 4,1040 Brussels, BE
PROGRAMME, Registration form, PHOTO
Presentations: Gabriella Bettiol, Chiara Salatin; Jan Varchola,
Inger Beate Pettersen, Joseba Sainz de Baranda, Mike van der Vijver

The CLEAR newsletter now available online!
Creativity & Innovation: Questions & Messages from the transnational review and  the stakeholders seminars in four EU countries.

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"Made in Osterøy" - National Conference in Norway
Litteraturhuset i Bergen, Norway - 21st October 2013

Thom Murphy, Scott Wilson, Michelle Lowe-Holder, Azumi & David: International fashion designers from London work closely with 10 handicraft enterprises eager to innovate in Osterøy. Under the auspices of Bergen University College and CLEAR project!
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CLEAR at the "Festival of Learning"

CLEAR has been invited to the Festival of Learning to contribute to the Workshop "Jobs and skills for continous training: the new demand for competences in companies"
Padua, Italy, the 5th of October 2013, h.10.30  - Aula E, via degli Obizzi 21/23 – Università degli Studi di Padova - Programme (in IT)

Presentations: by Gabrella Bettiol by Ferdinando Azzariti

Seminar: UNITED KINGDOM - UK: London, the 11th July 2013
"Competition and diversity in UK Higher Education"

As UK Government looks to create a more diverse, competitive Higher Education sector, sessions will focus on the challenges and opportunities afforded to the sector. GuildHE CEO Andy Westwood agreed to contribute by bringing in CLEAR issues about creativity and innovation.

UNITED KINGDOM: London, the 12th of June 2013
Policy maker soiree organized by GuildHE

CLEAR at EVTA Conference in Toulouse - 27,28th June 2013:

The Importance of creativity to empower individuals and to transfer and develop innovation in organisations. CLEAR project has been presented by Gabriella Bettiol, Confindustria Veneto SIAV

Conference -
SPAIN: Errenteria (Gipuzkoa), the 6th of June 2013
Programme (ES), Programme (EU),   PhotoVideo
Presentations: KLAP Consultores, Clear Project Presentation by FVEM

SEMINAR - NORWAY: Bergen, the 27th of May 2013
Programme and Invitation (English) (Norwegian)

: 21th of May 2013

Trento, 17th May 2013 Programme, Flyer
Presentations: Abstract seminario, resentazione del progetto CLEAR, Bocconi, Campagnoli, Ceccherelli, Menapace-Pisanu, Odoardi, Pisanu
Report (EN)

30-31. May 2013, Bilbao & Errenteria (ES)
The CLEAR partnership meets in Bilbao & Errenteria at FVEM and TKNIKA' premises to share the outcomes of the Seminars and identify the major trends and main remarks proposed by Practitioners and Policy makers in the field of Creativity and innovation in tertiary,& executive education and lifelong learning.
Agenda of the meeting in Bilbao & Errenteria  PHOTOS


CLEAR project has been selected to contribute to the LINQ2013 at the FAO Headquarters in Rome (Italy), the 16th and 17th May 2013!
The International Conference is addressing Innovations and Quality in Lifelong Learning, Education and Training; more information is available at

SEMINAR Policy makers - SPAIN
Bilbao 16/18 April 2013

Invitation Presentation - Photos

- Bilbao, the 11th of April 2013
Programme, Presentation, Report, PHOTOS


Bergen, the 20th of March 2013
Invitation and Programme, Website Bergen University College

Presentations: Bergen University College_Ole-Gunnar Søgnen, Halvor Austenå, Andy Westwood, Entrepreneurship Education_Bjørn Willy Åmo, Creativity&Innovation in BUC_Jens Kristian Fosse,

Video : Introduction by Sognen and Austen, Interview to Andy Westwood. Interview to Bjorn Willy Aamo, presentations: Jens Kristian Fosse, Bjorn Willy Aamo, Andy Westwood

Creativity and Innovation in the Learning Chain
"Review, Response, React!
7th March 2013 - 9.30 / 16.30
Location: UNISEF – Unindustria Treviso Servizi e Formazione
Piazza delle Istituzioni, 12 – Treviso (ITALY)

PROGRAMME Scheda di iscrizione - PHOTOS - Video

Presentations: Confindustria Veneto SIAV, Andy Westwood,
Mike Van der Vijver
, Andrew Brewerton

18-19 October 2012 London (UK)
The CLEAR partnership met in London at Ravensbourne college and at GuildHE to share the results of literature, policy and practices analysis to be disseminated during the upcoming Seminars and National Conferences. The UK cases were presented "live" by organising the meeting at Ravensbourne college and by inviting Plymouth school principal to the event.

- Agenda of the meeting in London, PHOTOS


17th April 2012
- University of Venice “Ca’ Foscari”
San Giobbe – Room 9/B - Cannaregio 873 – 30121 Venice
Flyer (EN) - Volantino (IT) - Scheda d'iscrizione - Programme - PHOTOS

Presupposition exercise outcomes      World cafè outcomes

16th April 2012 Venice Mestre Italy PHOTOS


25th/26th February 2014 UK Conference Hosted by the Ukadia Conference - Ravensbourne, London, UK


Creativity Innovation Learning - European Conference - Brussels 27th of November 2013


Italian National Conference - Job&Orienta fair
21st-23rd of November 2013


"Made in Osterøy" - National Conference in Norway - 21st October 2013


SEMINAR: 6th June 2013 Errenteria (Gipuzkoa)


May 2013 - Bilbao&Errenteria


SEMINAR: 17th May 2013 - Trento

SEMINAR: 20th March 2013 - Bergen

Seminario Policy makers
16-18 april 2013 - Bilbao

SEMINAR: 11th April 2013 - Bilbao

SEMINAR: 7th March 2013 -
Treviso (Italy)


II Transnational Meeting - London
October 2012

London London London
Workshop in Venice - April 2012

venice  venice 
Kick off meeting - Venice - April 2012


Clear c- creativity and innovation - To spread creativity practices to foster innovation in Italy, United Kingdom, Belgium, Spain and Norway by involving practitioners and policy makers in learning frameworks design and awareness raising events.